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    Hifee Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company engaged in video retrieval, video analysis, video research and video surveillance management. We have a group of scientists and scholars who have been studying video algorithms from home and abroad for a long time, and have their own algorithm research team in the US Silicon Valley. It has multiple algorithm patents and software copyright. The company pays attention to independent research and development ability and also actively collaborate with local colleges and universities. In the local cooperative units, Wuhan Huazhong University of Science and Technology Automation Institute (original image Intelligence Institute), Wuhan University of Technology artificial intelligence National Laboratory and so on.
    The company actively applies the research results to practice, and combines the actual situation of video surveillance and local video surveillance in the public security industry, and develops multiple video application platforms with actual combat effectiveness. In recent years, these application platforms have been widely used in public security institutions all over the country, and have successfully helped Guangdong and the local public security departments of Hubei have broken up a number of cases. It enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry.
    The company has deep market resources and perfect marketing network in mainland China. We uphold the spirit of openness and cooperation and work together with global partners to develop together on the strength of both sides.

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