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Integrated Verification System Of High - Iron Certificate Ticket

Time:2017-9-1 15:13:57

Integrated Verification System Of High - Iron Certificate Ticket

The system is designed to solve the problems of the train station and long-distance bus station in order to carry out the real-name system.The system is composed of the front-end card checking equipment and the back-end application management platform.The front-end card checking equipment is deployed at the checkpoint of the station, and the three-in-one verification of adult, certificate and ticket is completed.In addition, the system also blacklist library docking with the ministry of public security, realize the suspect alarm to remind, to assist the public security organs pursuit, greatly reduce the probability of police resources and illegal events, is a collection of information collection, face recognition, witness ticket, alarm to remind and big data statistical analysis, which integrates the station security guards against the product.

Main functions:

1. Automatic face capture

2. Verification of the ticket

3. The suspect alerted the police

4. Data return

5. Passenger information storage

6. Verification information retrieval

7. Equipment configuration management

8. Passenger flow statistics

Features and advantages:

1. Non-contact, non-interference, dynamic intelligent identification

Using intelligent dynamic face recognition technology, non-contact, no interference, no violation of passengers, and no need for the passenger to cooperate deliberately (support bow and side face).

2. Strong adaptability

In different complex scenarios were considered in the design, all sorts of different height and shape of passengers, can automatically adapt to the outdoor light, weak light, backlight and other complex station environment, different height and shape of passengers can be successfully completed witness check.

3. High accuracy

With the unique intelligent identification algorithm, the recognition accuracy rate is 97.3 % when the passenger's face image is captured and the efficiency is ensured.

4. Quick customs clearance

After practice tests, the average speed of customs clearance is only 1-2 seconds.Support the quick search comparison of the multi-level suspect database.

5. Comfortable

The verification table of the people's ticket is based on ergonomic design and the use of the ticket inspector, ensuring that the user is comfortable and convenient in the process of use, and the user's experience is better and more comfortable.

6. High safety

The safety protection of the equipment is fully considered in the design to prevent theft and illegal disassembly.

7. Strong expansibility

It is applicable to the person, certificate and ticket check of the security channel at all stations and long-distance bus stations.

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