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Hifee dynamic face business application platform server

Time:2017-8-29 11:06:51

Hifee dynamic face business application platform server

1 Product Features

Powerful management function: access to management of more than 50 control node servers, convenient system development.

Flexible business expansion: flexible structure design, flexible business development and convenient business development for all industries.

Perfect permissions management functions: system has flexible permission management ability, convenient customer classify the relevant authority according to the requirements of management, enhance the ability of management and system monitoring.

Hardware and software integration: the dynamic face business application platform server with soft and hard integration reduces the deployment complexity, which is beneficial to the hardware optimization algorithm and improves the stability of the system.

Quick docking with third-party platforms: the system provides the webapi interface, supports secondary development, and can be integrated into the third-party platform.

Support multiple clients: automatically adapt to a variety of browsers, multi-resolution access.

2 Network Topology Diagram

3 Application Scenario

The key areas are the control of the police, the surveillance of the suspects, the suspected fugitives, the judicial correction of the community, the internal management of the prison, and the prevention and control of key personnel.

4 Technical Parameters

5 Performance Indicators

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