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Intelligent Dynamic Face Recognition Airport Card Ticket Integration Verification Platform

Time:2017-8-29 9:15:05

Intelligent Dynamic Face Recognition Airport Card Ticket Integration Verification Platform

The integrated verification platform of smart dynamic face recognition airport is a test product designed to be customized according to airport security procedures and features.The whole system consists of the front-end high definition face acquisition camera, id card identification device, the human witness verification terminal (including software), the customs clearance brake and the back-end application management platform.The front-end equipment is deployed with the existing ticket verification system at the checkpoint.

Certificate identification device, the information of the passengers in two, were sent to witness check terminal and ticketing system, respectively for passengers of witness check and ticket check, to witness check by passengers, system control gate, traffic control security channel.In addition, the system also connected with the blacklist library of the ministry of public security, realizing the suspect alarm and assisting the public security authorities to recover.Is a collection of information collection, face recognition, the identification of the ticket comparison with the verification, alarm and big data statistics analysis in an integrated airport security security products.

Main functions:

1. Identification of documents

Identify and read the information of the passenger documents.Support for two - generation id CARDS, passports, Hong Kong and macau passes, etc.

2. Verification of human evidence

The image of the captured face and document is compared with the intelligent comparison algorithm, and the comparison results are given.

3. The suspect alerted the police

The blacklist of library with the public security department (including the escaped prisoner, drug addicts, library cult personnel libraries, library, etc.) are docking, to belong to the security of the passengers of the above personnel, realize the automatic alarm to remind, to assist the public security organs pursuit.

4. Information storage of inbound passengers

Automatically for security check passenger information (name, gender, certificate type, certificate number, address, etc.) and check the information (check, check, check the result, the passenger faces, etc.).

5. Report statistics

Provide a variety of statistical reports, including the daily check of passenger volume statistics and the daily number of alarms.

Features and advantages:

1. Non-contact, non-interference, dynamic intelligent identification

Using intelligent dynamic face recognition technology, non-contact, no interference, no aggression, no need to cooperate with the passengers.

2. High accuracy

With the unique intelligent identification algorithm, the recognition accuracy rate is 97.3 % when the passenger's face image is captured and the efficiency is ensured.

3. Quick customs clearance

According to the practice test, the average clearance speed is only 1-2 seconds.Support for a quick, multi-level suspect database retrieval alignment.

4. Adaptable

The design takes into account the different complex scenes (bright light, background), various passengers of different height and posture, and all kinds of passengers can successfully complete the witness verification.

5. Easy to use

The operation is simple and convenient, and the general operators can verify and verify.

6. Good durability

With high performance, the switch can reach more than 5 million times and durable, which can meet the requirements of airport security.

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