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Hifee Intelligent Attendance ManagementPlatform

Time:2017-8-29 9:16:20

Hifee Intelligent Attendance ManagementPlatform

Hifee  intelligent attendance management platform is to use intelligent dynamic facial recognition technology, computer network technology, etc., carefully for large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions to build a nationwide network of sets of real-time, distributed B/S structure of integrated management platform of check on work attendance.Platform is not only have face clock function, but also combined automatic leave, travel and attendance appeal, and a comprehensive attendance management, is a good way to meet the needs of modern enterprise actual attendance management.

Through this platform, the headquarters of the human resources department can easily obtain any subordinate branches or departments and even an employee attendance information, for the management and decision-making to provide real and effective, real-time data support.

Main function

1. Employee: face attendance card;Application for leave on business trip;Check attendance;The appeal of check on work attendance

2. Attendance manager: approval process management;Summary statistics of attendance;Personnel and face template management;Attendance setting;Attendance correction

Features and advantages:

1. Non-invasive intelligent dynamic face recognition

2. Low rate of recognition speed

3. Light adaptability

4. Multiple precision detection multiple targets

5. Complete functions

6. Interface friendly operation is convenient

7. Flexible access management

8. Remote punching

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