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Hifee static facial retrieval node server

Time2017-8-29 10:54:33

Hifee static facial retrieval node server

1 Product Features

Fast hit target: the system supports millions of people like big data 1: N second retrieval, fast hitting target people.

Rapid modeling registration: system support for multi-task batch reads for external portrait library, support for the batch import and one-key modeling of self-built portrait library


Adaptive low-quality face images: the targeted optimization algorithm has the characteristics of Angle, illumination, expression and blurring, but it can affect the performance of face recognition

The extremely strong tolerance type can solve the problem of the quality of the photos in the actual combat, and break through the strict requirements of other similar systems for input images


Hardware and software integration: a dynamic face control node server integrates video resolution, face deduction, real time cloth control, portrait library, feature library

The features of the system reduce the deployment complexity and improve the stability of the system based on the software and hardware optimization algorithm.

Stack type expansion computation: cooperate with Hifee dynamic face business application server platform, stack system to support multiple devices, the largest support more than hundreds of road video access ability, meet the demand of different scale dynamic portrait monitor, convenient later expansion;The system provides a webapi interface to support secondary development and can be integrated into a third-party platform.

2 Network Topology Diagram

3 Application Scenario

The public security at large personnel library retrieval; A line of police station, district and county public security bureau, civil affairs departments such as the population of permanent residents, temporary population, the floating population, the key population and other large library retrieval; Household register, missing persons query, rechecking verify unknown body status, etc.

4 Technical Parameters

5 Performance Indicators

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