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Hifee dynamic facial monitor node server

Time:2017-8-29 11:26:31

Hifee dynamic facial monitor node server

1 Product Features

Powerful concurrent ability: simultaneous access to multi-channel camera can easily handle the simultaneous appearance of video front-end face feature extraction and dynamic control.

Real-time deduction of the best face: the face is taken from video in real time, and a rich deduction strategy is used to record the best quality face.

Real-time dynamic modeling: capable of real-time modeling, quick processing of every face in video, avoiding the backlogs of face photos, and ensuring the timeliness of alarm.

To adapt to the low quality of human face image: targeted optimization algorithm of Angle, light, expressions, fuzzy Den but factors affecting the performance of face recognition with a strong tolerance, able to solve practical picture quality in the process of the problem of underground, broke the other similar systems on strict with the limitation of the input image.

Software and hardware integration: a dynamic facial monitor node server integrates video resolution, face cutting, real-time monitor, portrait, characteristic functions such as library, reduces the deployment complexity, beneficial to the optimal algorithm based on hardware and software, to improve the system stability.

Quick docking with third-party platforms: the system provides webapi interface, supports secondary development, and can integrate the third-party platform.

Stack type expansion computation: cooperate with hai hui dynamic face business application server platform, stack system to support multiple devices, the largest support more than hundreds of road video access ability, meet the demand of different scale dynamic portrait monitor, convenient later expansion.

2 Network Topology Diagram

3 Application Scenario

The key areas are the control of the police, the surveillance of the suspects, the suspected fugitives, the judicial correction of the community, the internal management of the prison, and the prevention and control of key personnel.

4 Technical Parameters

5 Performance Indicators

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