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Hui-eye authentication

Time:2017-8-30 10:08:24

Hui-eye authentication

1 Introduction To Products

  • As witness is indispensable in the process of all kinds of business in society to deal with a ring. Compared with artificial, fingerprint and face recognition with good experience and advantages of non-contact, high accuracy become the preferred scheme. Eye witness identity service is collective living the detection, face quality evaluation, face recognition, id identification, bank card recognition, and other functions as one of the solutions, can reduce cost, high efficiency existing in the system are integrated into the customers.
  • Eye witness identity server: eye authentication server based on SOA architecture, is a based on open hardware and software, relatively independent development platform. Platform mainly include face recognition ratio on components and certificates according to identify component watermark identification component, id, bank CARDS god don't components, log module, system monitoring, configuration management component part of functions, such as foreign identity witness relevant interface, support for multiple front-end application system access, can provide users with centralized and unified the identity of the witness.
  • Insight to the identity authentication client: is a set of support android, ios, Windows, Linux, such as the front end of the common platform development kit, including face detection, detecting point, living, attack detection, quality assessment, the face of a witness, transmission network security faces, such as audio and video recording function.

2 Usable Range

  • Widely used in government, army, bank, social security, electronic commerce, security and other fields.

3 Option Interface

key Property

Eye witness identity service side

  • Advanced: using haihui technology cash face recognition algorithm, a number of exclusive proprietary technologies.
  • Oneness: the platform can provide webservice interface to provide unified and centralized biometric authentication services for multiple application systems.
  • High concurrency: support cluster technology, realize dynamic load balancing, achieve high concurrency capability.
  • Security: support important data encryption, high security
  • Ease of use: provides a C language, JAVA language,
  • Extensibility: system retention function extension interface, can be expanded according to user's requirement, and combined with relevant international standard or industrial standard execution.
  • Easy maintenance: the system provides a convenient web interface for querying various business processing results, including business logs, business pictures, algorithmic performance statistics, exception queries, and so on.

Hui-eye identity authentication client:

Multi-platform: support android, ios, Windows, Linux system, provide development language API for each platform, and develop sample source code

Security: supports live detection, attack detection, encryption transmission.

Easy integration: provides a streamlined interface and provides examples of how to use it.

Ease of use: provide UI design and voice prompt that can be integrated directly without secondary development.

Easy to expand: support interface style custom function.

5 Technical Parameters

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