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Hifee witness one teller HF - FC1911

Time:2017-8-29 15:13:17

Hifee witness one teller HF - FC1911

1 Product Overview

Hifee witness one teller HF - FC1911 is also oh technology application in the industry leading level, specifically for the hotel, Internet cafes, schools and so on scene developed a high-performance faces from the terminal. By reading the papers (photo id card, rf card, etc.) and the holder of the scene captured personnel face identification authentication, determine whether I characteristics.

2 Product Composition

1 haihui advanced face detection and tracking module

2. The identity information reading module of the unified standard of the ministry of public security

3 also the face recognition algorithm module

4. High stability and high stability of hardware and software

3 Functional Description

4 Product Feature

Leading level

Haihui rich face algorithm module, face recognition algorithm, double layer heterogeneous deep neural network.The face capture and verification speed is fast, the accuracy rate is high, the Angle of face, light, expression and so on change have good adaptability, the recognition rate > 99%, compare time < 2 seconds.

Operating the portable

No setup, friendly interface, automatic completion of the comparison process.


Provide face verification, integrated management and system setting function.

Integrated design

Integrated design, easy to deploy, easy to operate.


It is suitable to be placed in the counter of the counter, occupying small space, vertical/horizontal installation.

Centralized network management

Can detect the on-line state of equipment, batch remote upgrade and the next configuration strategy.Easy to manage maintenance.

Work offline

Local comparison, the speed is not affected by network quality, it can also be used when breaking the net.

5 Product Standard

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