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Hai hui people retrieve terminals

Time:2017-8-29 15:57:46

Hai hui people retrieve terminals

1 Product Introduction

  • The quick identification of personnel is the core demand of the public security.Face image is an important means to identify people and plays an important role in actual combat.Haihui technology developed a written portrait retrieval terminal based on advanced facial recognition technology to help police locate target characters quickly and accurately in portrait database.It takes days or even months to get the work done to a few seconds.

2 Application Scenarios

  • District public security, criminal investigation laboratory and so on.

3 Main Features

  • Quick hit target

The system supports millions of people like big data 1: N second retrieval, fast hitting target personnel.

  • Quick modeling registration
The system supports the batch import and one-key modeling of the self-built portrait library for multi-task batch reads for external portrait libraries.

  • Adapt to low-quality face images
Corresponding optimization algorithm of Angle, light, expressions, fuzzy Den but factors affecting the performance of face recognition with a strong tolerance, able to solve practical picture quality in the process of the problem of underground, broke the other similar systems on strict with the limitation of the input image.

  • Hardware and software integration
A device integrates the functions such as portrait library, feature library, face recognition, face comparison, etc., reducing the deployment complexity and improving the stability of the system based on the hardware and software optimization algorithm.

4 Function Details

  • Face search function

In the system input query faces, library users to set the portrait, TopN began after retrieval, parameters such as the system automatically detect low input facial image quality system will be prompted to choose, good quality system, automatically after retrieval, finally the result of retrieval of similar faces according to the similarity, displayed on the interface.

  • Portrait library management

System can according to user's willingness to create custom portrait library, can put the personnel information (including name, gender, id number, home address, face photos and other information) to join the portrait in the library, support batch import function, can be imported as Excel file, portrait photo packaging information.

5 Technical Parameter

6 Performance Indicators

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